Join us for a tasting!

Join us this Friday (11/21) for a tasting!

IMG_3918 IMG_3912

We will be sampling Chai Rum and Cockspur 12yr Rum.

Tasting starts at 5pm until 7pm. Contact us for more details!



Welcome to 1001 Wine & Spirits’s Blog

This is our first blog post guys! It has been a year in the making. First, we would like to thank all of our customers this past year. We have felt so much support and it has been crucial in our success. We are so excited to finally get to blog about our experiences and share our knowledge. We have learned a lot about booze this past year. The research was imperative, the hours long and the hangovers brutal. But we made it and we have a lot to tell you.


We must make an honorable mention to our General Manager, Keaton Watson, he has gone above and beyond to excel at customer service and his expertise in wine has helped the launch of our Wine Club. We will dedicate a later post to our wine club and its benefits, stay tuned. We started delivery services in the Downtown Dallas area, we can even gift wrap it if requested. It’s that customer service we were talking about earlier. We want to share recipes, products, reviews and specials; while also having a platform for recommendations and suggestions from our customers. So there you go guys, that’s what the blog is all about.

One last thing, we just want to have fun, drink and be merry.  And we want you guys to join us.